Our Equipment

All the right gear to get the job done

Our Equipment

We are equipped with a great selection of world-class machinery and equipment to address a wide range of needs.  From magazine wrapping, folding and inserts to shrink-wrapping, blister packs, sealing, filling, stamping and binding – we’ll make it happen quickly and efficiently.

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Here is a brief list and description of our main equipment provision:

Preferred Packaging Auto Shrink-wrapper – capacity 450mmx300mm
Used for high volume shrink-wrapping with built in heat tunnel.

Heatshrink tunnel – 300mmx180mm
Used in shrink-wrapping applications.  The tunnel heats and shrinks sealed film to the product. It is usually used in conjunction with an L-bar sealer or two and a conveyor.  The tunnel helps to streamline the shrink-wrapping process.

L-bar sealer – 450mmx450mm
The L-bar sealer is, on its own, a bagging machine but, when used with the tunnel, it becomes part of the shrink-wrapping process.

2x Hooded Shrink-wrappers – 450mmx450mm
These can be used as either L-bar sealers for bagging or as a full shrink-wrapping system in one.

Neopost mail fold and insert SI-70
Neopost folds A4 paper and inserts into non-self-seal envelopes.

Ibico Binder
Used for making ring-bound books.

Number Stamping machine
Number stamping of use-by dates and batch numbers into flat cards or cartons.

Straight Sealer – 200mm and 3x Straight Sealers – 300mm
Used in some bagging applications when the bag is supplied with three sides already sealed.

WedderburnDigi DC180 Counting Scales.
Accurate scales used for counting a number of items or for other weighing applications.

Crown Walk Behind Forklift.
Used for removing pallets off trucks and transporting pallets around the factory.

Pallet Jack
Used for pallet transport around the factory.

Jobs we do with our equipment and manpower:

Shrink-wrapping, Mail fulfilment, Packaging, Showbag filling, Assembly, Plastic thermoformed packaging, Flow wrapping, Collating, Bulk mailouts, Promotional, Sealing, Distribution, Folding, Envelope stuffing, Stamping.

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